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making an Acropolis :)

Irregular Wars: Wargaming at the World's End: Acropolis now.
This blog is a place for me to show and discuss various wargaming projects and ideas, especially with reference to the miniatures wargames Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End and Song of Shadows and Dust. I'm always after feedback, so any comments or queries may be posted here or emailed to…

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Very true.

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How gamers see the world.

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Wow. Right there.


I think dark background is better than blue.I hope you like.

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Official cosplay video from Q-Con XXI now up.

Q-Con XXI Official Cosplay Video

Q-Con XXI was the biggest Q-Con ever, and the quality of cosplay on display keeps getting better year after year. We invited videographer Vincent Vyce to com…

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2000 likes and a wee 10% off the Web store….nice treat so go get something fun :-)


WOW 2000 Likes – thanks for all the support everyone it means a lot! To celebrate here's a 10% discount on orders in our webstore valid until Friday night – TKUXVNCFN33L

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Wee tutorial on semi-translucent ice weapons. Quite a neat effect.

Ice-Weapon Tutorial

Just a little step by step tutorial to show you how to paint semi-translucent ice weapons.I hope you like it :)Feel free to comment & shareGreetzSimonMoon

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Johnny Bravo. In 40k. This should be a thing.

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~Da Orks

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some historical shenanigans on 7th September

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Lisburn Gaming Club on 30th August will be filled with the heaving masses ready for bloodshed on the pitch. Bloodbowl tournament style.

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Warlord Games Bolt Action 28mm WW2 Miniatures Game tournament on 1st November 2014 in conjunction with Lisburn Gaming Club :) Get your warface on.

Wee Gamers: TOURNAMENT: Operation Blind Redemption (Bolt Action)

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