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Did you hear that sound? That's the sound of happy people pooping themselves with glee and excitement. Especially after last night's Infinity demo at The Bunker last night.

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Yes it's true! In 2015 Modiphius will be releasing the official INFINITY roleplaying game based on Corvus Belli's incredible miniatures universe.

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There….A Halloween treat that won't fill you with horror.

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Get 50% off all products up until the 5th November 2014.

Just use coupon code HALLOWEEN when you submit your payment

Happy Samhain / Halloween to you all 3:) — with Andrew Wylie and 34 others.

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FTN give you a hand with picking some movie horror for Halloween

FTN picks their favourite Halloween scary movies
Ok thrill seekers, let our handy guide to our favourite horror movies here at FTN help you decide what movie to curl up with come the witching hour…

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Oooh Zoids

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A few wee shots from tonight's fun

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Bobs first demo for #Infinity underway , one dead already.

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0_o that is a detailed model indeed.

Sergeant Koulikov: WWII Soviet Sniper from DID

Now online –

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Memories. They can come back to life. #DungeonsAndDragons #IcewindDale

Aim Away From the Face and Learn to Talk With Icewind Dale's Survival Rules

We're one day away from the end of the Survival Rules series and the release of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Catch the final episodes exclusively at The Escapist.

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Pumpkin Space Marines. It must be Halloween. :)

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Heavy metal.

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Looks like the Penguin is waiting to be P-p-p-p-picked up! ;)

Belfast Film and Comic con Photo set 3
With Stephen Taz McGowan at Belfast Film and Comic Con.
Hello again from Life in Lens Productions! Tonight is the night I have uploaded the last batch of photos from the convention! I would like to thank all the cos players for their amazing cos plays and the organizers for organizing such a wonderful convention. I hope you all enjoy the photos and if you can, give the page a like and share it as it would help out a lot. Thank you.

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