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Hey look maw we did stuff tonight! Bloodbowl Team Manager – fun Dominion – fun didn't get Kingdom Builder in, maybe Sunday. Also go a close look at Bills new Mantic Games Mars attacks toys COOL.

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You wanting to Break Free tonight? The come on down to The Bunker.
1900 hours.
Plenty of space for you to be yourself and play your games.

And there's cake!

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Are you filled with


Get voting then you naughty people

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Journey is in the running for the '20 Most Anticipated Games of 2015', but it's going to need a little help if it's going to make the final vote.

Currently it's sitting at #3!

Please vote it up at the link below: — with Ray Wong and Hon Ho.

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Ivor keeps telling us wee don't have a flag or a moto…..then we find this lurking in his inbox….nothing else……just this link………its the quite ones you have to watch!

Keep Calm

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Some very nice art from a local lad.

Mark Torrans/ Artist

A practicing artist from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Just. This.

Vampire Hunters "Bloodlust"

Russian Team of Warrior Priests. 4 miniatures "28mm" "Vampire Hunters: Bloodlust" the board game

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Get yer download sampler NOW!

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@[590991244272519:274:The Infected Dead] Zombie RPG & Skirmish wargame:

Get your free basic rules sample here: — with Andrew Horton and 22 others.

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Cracks me up every time…

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Congratulations to our good friend Spud Tate on becoming Chris Nicholls' minion. :)

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Its official……. I have a Minion!

From a recent newsletter…….

Community Manager

It's offical, we now have a Community Manager to, umm, manage the community!

Some of you may know him already, but let me introduce @[100003323950030:2048:Sean Spud Tate] as our new Community Manager.

He reports to Chris and his duty is to make sure the Community is kept busy and whatever else Chris wants.

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Mobile Uploads
With Daniel Hanks and 3 others.

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