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just to give you all a heads up. :)

Battle of Arnhem: dropping in on a bridge too far – Telegraph
On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, Nigel Richardson parachutes into Arnhem

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interesting kickstarter. Another bloodfest on the playing pitch. And who doesn't love a good playfield bloodbath from the comfort of your seat. :)

Slaughterball – Brutally Deluxe Sci-Fi Sports Board Game

A board game of brutal sci-fi sports mayhem for 2-4 players with smooth rules, sizzling art, deluxe components, and large miniatures!

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some work in this.

Karol Rudyk Art

WIP:First one from 12 space hulks I hope you like

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Rulepack is now up.

For the event Lisburn Gaming Club and Wee Gamers are running a group page, rather than just an event.

Have a read and if you fancy having a go its a one day tourney with 3 2-hour games for only £10

Wee Gamers: TOURNAMENT: Operation Blind Redemption (Bolt Action) 01 Nov 2014

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Pro painted all the way!!

Cover Photos

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Get a load of these new babies from our lovely chums at Amera Plastic Mouldings. Get me some while your at it ;-)

Photos of Wee Gamers
New Releases! Just added 4 new 1/72- 1/76 shell damaged buildings on bases. Available separately for general use or as a set together with matching Street diorama base.

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The Chilling Wargamers are at it with Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Vs Chilling Wargamers : Ep 2

Continue on our epic adventure we the best group of adventurers in the universe. Should be more fails, more chicken and more ''I am Gorek'' Be there or be bo…

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Not wargaming they say? I think we can say WRONG cause I'm sure we all have a game the likes of this would drop right into

European tram

Miniart 1/35 – author : Eugene Tur

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Roll your SAN for this kickstarter.

Timeline Photos

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Saving throw vs Death. #DungeonsAndDragons

Timeline Photos
That gives new meaning to the term "save or die".


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