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Firefly: The Game
Check out the latest updates from the upcoming expansion to Firefly: The Game! Firefly – Pirates & Bounty Hunters will add new ship, crew, jobs, gear, story cards and exciting player versus player dynamics to the ‘Verse. Each week, we’ll preview a new aspect from the Expansion until it is available in May!

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Another WIP green for Wrathborn

Mobile Uploads
A little update from @[118900731472160:274:Wolfbane-art] for the Norndrassel Thane.

There will be a blog post for the sculpting tutorial to show how Alessio did all of this so far.

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Fantastic diorama.

La Models Military Models

Diorama called "Last Days" by Lautsch Alexander

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Only once before have I wanted to marry terrain and have little terrain babies with it. I feel similar stirrings with these lovelies AND I know whose tables they should be on ;-)

Photos from Carlos Elias Llop's post in Reaper Miniatures

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These are the plans your looking for and no one died to get em…..yet! Sale over to DrivethruRPG and get a Dramascape bargain. – DramaScape – The Largest RPG Download Store!
Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, delivered fresh to your desktop in electronic format.

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Mmmmm tempted!

Wave 19 available for Pre-Order
Ashinaga Tenagis are usually sited in streams or rivers and it seems that they have a deep connection with the water, able to commune with the water around them to turn the land into a sea of mud. These yokai, long a legend amongst the peasants of the Ro-Kan, exact motivations for joining the fray a…

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Do you want to build a …… ? Wee Andy getting creative. Want to see the rest? Share us with your friends who you think might like tagging along with us and we will show you more.

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Oh too nice

Novus Design Studio

Now available from Novus Design Studio! 15mm City Block Ruin Series. These 4 individual models are designed to fit together to form an urban city block in ruins. All 4 models are now available on our website: .Prices range from $26.00-$31.00 each plus shipping and we guarantee a 100% fill rate. Retail orders are shipped 2-3 business days. Individual buildings can be configured to form a long or short city block, corner models can be used on either end of your city block for added variety. Models feature lift out floors and are designed to accommodate Flames of War trays as well as individual stand-alone soldiers. For more product information or to place an order please visit our website-thanks!

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Great wee night, even with the heat, with Bolt Action on the table and loads of hobby on the go. Wee Ivor even won his Bolt Action game!!!!! And his King Tiger took out two tanks and an artillery piece! He was quiet. In shock mostly.

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Got my Dust Gorrilas done yay

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