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Watched the film now want the Tank, Blitzkrieg Miniatures one of the first to bring out a Fury model…

Blitzkrieg Miniatures

Fury!!! Brad Pitt not includedOur Easy Eight rolls of the production line

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PnP version of #bringoutyourdead now on the kickstarter page. So go on print out your dead….

Bring Out Yer Dead

Bring out yer Dead by Aaron Watts. Bury your dead, swap graves and dig up treasure for the win in this 2-5 player Board Game.

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Remember no WeeGamers The Bunker tonight…..was on last night ….awww. see ya Friday ;-)

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Wee gamers only one shade of green required…looking sharp.

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Awww come off it. Not fair. I've already got 3 mortgages……..awesome.

Sally 4th

Today we have launched our 28mm super detail kit of the iconic Seminary College from the Gettysburg battlefield.This is the most detailed and the largest model we have made to date.The buildings footprint is 340mm x 470mm and its height is 208mm.The model features glazed windows and a removable roof and captures the scale and grandeur of the original Jesuit college.3mm Medite has been used for all walls and structural elements to give a realistic wall thickness and good structural integrity.Perspex glazing is supplied for windows and 3 Sally 4th Tiling kits to give the scratch built look to the buildings roof. Additional pieces are made from 2mm MDS, Mounting Board and Polystyrene.Further details at :

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Only the two games under way tonight….change of night this week and it's bitter cold but the action on the table is hot with gritty warfare on one table and alien heat rays washing the other.

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Another K'S on the way and looking mighty pretty.

Timeline Photos
Kickstarter is so close…. orcs are ready!

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Aside from the stonking paint job this is a rare one in that I actually adore the model. This one is poster worthy imho

Warhammer 40k
Mortarion The Reaper, Primarch of the Death Guard

Painted on Commission – Display Standard <<< On CMON, Please rate him, Thanks! :)

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if you already are a seasoned vet or a total noob to the universe of Warmachine and Hordes, or just like to dust of your force and get a couple of games in. Maybe discuss all things warmahordes, strategy, tournaments campaigns etc etc or just have a mild interest in getting your feet wet you are more than welcome. There will be cake, because there always has to be cake!!

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Richard Hale Battleboards work……your argument is invalid.

Battleboards UK – custom made wargaming terrain

How to make a FULL SIZE diorama – First find a real tank and somewhere big enough to put it on a base :)I have great pleasure in announcing our involvement in the making of the Fury exhibition for the Bovington Tank Museum. We have had to keep this under wraps until the opening as working with Sony Entertainments we did not want to steal any thunder away from the main film released this weekend.This was a great opportunity to show what we can do as a team. Working just like we would with a small gaming terrain piece I first modelled the project in virtual 3D and gave the museum a virtual guide through the exhibit before we started making it for real. We worked very closely with the Tank Museum team who were on set and help make the movie. With their input we managed to create a stunning backdrop for the main star of the film the Fury Tank (which luckily we did not have to make, as that would of been a large kit indeed). We had little time to produce the display to coincide with he realises of the movie, and managed to build the display in only 6 days (which took a lot of work believe me) I would like to thanks all the team who help me put this together, all of which worked really hard and the results speak for them selves.

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The Battle Systems Blog

Realistic sci-fi & fantasy terrain for tabletop gamers

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