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Oh quiver

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Samples have arrived. That means… giveaways are coming! — with Mantic Games.

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Oh look……The Hobbit…….3D

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But can he fly?

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Steampunk Iron Man byTakashi Tan

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Even time to get your orders in before Xmas.

Irregular Wars: Wargaming at the World's End: IW2 Chance Cards – now taking orders
This blog is a place for me to explore various wargaming projects and ideas, especially (but not exclusively) my own published games Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End, Galleys & Galleons and Song of Shadows and Dust.

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Sharing the Mech because Mech r kool

Mech Porn
Daily Mech Porn: B33f's own Atlas…
Artist: Shimmering Sword

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Cams offers from the Lords of war at Warlord Games hohoho

Christmas is coming! Bring on the deals! • Warlord Games
It’s that time of year again – mince pies have begun appearing (and disappearing at an alarming rate!) around Warlord HQ, and the Elves of the Mail Order department can be heard singing merry worksongs for miles around (merry – yes, in tune and in time – no.)

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Final 48 hours still 50% to go. A shame if this wee gem doesn't make it, and it won't without some serious shares and love.
But that's the danger of crowd funding too. A good game can fall, not on any flaws just bad timing can be enough. There's plenty of stiff competition for tour bucks out there atm.
Hopefully for the team it will finish with good grace at the very least and be able to come back for another try.
If you a ton checked it out, do, and keep your eyes peeled. Even if the K'S falls shirt I don't think we've seen the last of Bring Out Yer Dead

Update 17: 48 Hours Remaining · Bring Out Yer Dead

It's the final countdownWe are down to the final 48 ours of this thing and we are at 50% funding. That leaves us a long way to go in 48 hours, but it isn't impossible! However, we can't do this alone. We need you ALL to pitch in and help! Get your friends and family to back this game. And let's BLOW…

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Battle boards Win the Internet as far as we care…..For today at least. As always sublime. If you wanna get playing on some of Richards builds get down the The Bunker some night :-)

Battleboards UK – custom made wargaming terrain

Well it looks like the next projects all designed and ready to go. Just need to finish off a few more bits and pieces for the other ongoing projects, and then its onto building castle from Tabletop Workshops :)Awesome can't wait…

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Ah young punks…..young steam punks. Funny this a thing I've never really looked closely at yet. Do kids get a good representation 'on' the table top? Can anyone point out some kid characters that earn their keep game wise?

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Adorable! <3 _ <3

By @[206017802792211:274:SCHWEDE PHOTOGRAPHIE]

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Certainly costs plenty of dough….. oh! I made a funny ,sorry.

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All hail the breadnought!

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