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Now there's some inspired fan effort for Luchador – Mexican Wrestling Dice

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Hi everyone
We love it when fans create stuff like this and are lovin our game.
Thanks guys!

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D9 at the The Dice Shop Odd but nice (subtle that one ;-)

The Dice Shop

NEW 9 Sided D9 Dice – JUST ARRIVED….

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Curse you Forbidden Planet Belfast I'd managed to blank the teasing excitement of this Deadpool shot. Where's me heroclix collection….

Cover Photos

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Warlord Games enter the fray with a shot of their Katuska it will be interesting to compare this with Mad Bob's miniatures version which is already on the market.

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Here's a work-in-progress preview of something on the way – the mighty Soviet BM-13 Katyusha!

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While she might be portraying 40k I can bet the likes of Paolo Parente's Dust Studio: the Unofficial Collector's Club fans and The World of Dust players would appreciate the SSU overtones….The rest of us of course appreciate the quality cos play.

Warhammer 40,000 : Sacratus Obscurus

- The emperor's Hammer -

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Okay just spotted this kick-start for FF6 dice. I personally think they look fairly awesome. Could see these looking right in with the likes of Mantic Games Deadzone or Infinity maybe even Crooked Dice Game Design Studio 7TV. …never mind the myriad of other soft and hard core science fiction games.

Have a gander and see what you reckon.

FF6 Dice is NOT an AKO Rip-Off *PLEASE* Read the discription
To read the dice do *NOT* look at the grooves…look at the whole surface of the dice. You should see a modern digit / numeral / number

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Aww look at him ♥ I want a reason to need him. Just lovely!

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This guy is one of my favourites!

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Another two Stretch Goals unlocked over night, and now we're unlocking the Jeff Tracy mini at £200k plus more surprises!

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Team NI are competing in the 6 nations. 40k style. Good luck lads. :)

Team N. Ireland 40k

Team at the venue we haven't lost anyone yet so good start. Kudos to the Belguim team fantastic hosts venue is great they are feeding us and running a bar! Some practice games played tonight and more than a little alcohol drank. First game tomorrow is against scotland hopefully tzeentch will be smiling on us!

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And with some WeeGamers Gaming to Help Transform your day……autobots roll out!

Opticon Transformers Fan Weekend

Opticon is a fan run weekend celebrating Transformers from Generation 1 up to present day, with special guests, panel talks, & Toys!

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