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A message is coming through. :) cover art for Clacks – another superb Discworld game from Backspindle Games

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Hi everyone
I thought you'd like to see the new box cover for our forthcoming Clacks game painted by the very talented The Artful Nudger.

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The naughty so and so. An hour ago and I could have added this to the Vidcast lol anyway enjoy a Dagger Team Rifle Man for Wartorn Games Infernal.

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The Dagger Teams boast a variety of troop type, and weapon options. Here's a look at a standard rifleman to whet the appetite.

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Want to know more about Wartorn Games Infernal……well you should. No really you should. Sadly we can't even tell you half of what we know already, cause the lads are letting the cat out of the bag at South London Warlords and Salute. But Al did have a chat with Weegamers on the record to divulge some tit bits and even slipped in a couple of early pics as a reward – though a few we can't show you till the morning of Salute.

Lovely guys with a fairly rad horror based table top game that we certainly will be backing.

Apologies for the sound quality, tech went a bit wrong for wee Andy and you all know what a Luddite he is. So here for now is part one, but post Salute we will be back with a much improved part two.

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anyone needing some Eldar? One of our friends is selling a few :) You may need to get in quick.

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Hey fellow Hobbyists, I messaged Tom to see if there was any interest in an eldar army he said to pop it up on the Hub.I'm looking £150 or nearest best offer.In the force you'll find.1 Autarch unassembled all alternative weapons included.1 Farseer. (Metal)1 Warl…

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No words required The Devil's Run: Route 666

The Devil's Run: Route 666

We have great news!A number of our models will be at Salute. To see them go to the Prodos Games stand. Also keep an eye out for our exclusive Beer Mats, they should be liberally scattered around the venue, or you can try and grab Rich (our man at Salute), and have a chat with him about the project and where we are with it. Here are the renders of the models that will be there….(Please note the car labelled 'Work in Progress' is not finalsied yet)

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Wee echo our friend Graeme nice

Graeme Hawkins
oh matron..

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New Game to try out this Sunday if I can get enough interest

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Oh that was good crack I have to say. Let's see Two separate games of Ticket to Ride, Bushido, Bolt Action, fluxx em. .. Aquarius and that other Japanese style tyke game I never remember the name off oh and Relics too….yeah and Gloom. Was that it? I think that was it. Yeah. Tired weegamers. ….

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Everything changes but relax, everything is staying the same as the main shareholder finally takes 100 stake of WI.

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For more information, please visit

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When you see it…. (Dust Players…..) ;-)

Dust Tactics Fans – Official

Paolo , che sui fà ? dov'è l'astronave ?

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