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So what tiny free time I got today I breached the cover of asylum an 1996 rug from Clock works. A fairly hefty tome of about 170 pages soft backed. Previously form the collection of Big Paul K.
I'm not sure how the content would go down today, based as it is on various mental illnesses and certainly wouldn't press it into the hands of anyone I knew to suffer from such. Though it goes to great lengths to stress the importance of not taking light such illness and plants it's feet firmly in a dark future world where seemingly the entire planet is thusly effected.
The cohesiveness of the back story suffers a little from its own plot and time line, that's to say how certain things still work and run in the game world seems at odds with the overall background of what's happened.
But it does deliver a fairly gripping game world with tones of twelve monkeys, Brazil and a raft of other after the end style films.
The art work is a mixture of good and make do, but does a fair job of conveying the ideas even if a few aspects seem a tad outdated by today's standards.
The mechanic rather tasteless perhaps for some nowadays uses coloured marbles or beads- "losing your marbles" ain't had that phase thrown about in a while.
Fans of Paranoia would find themselves on semi familiar ground with this oldie, but it has much darker currents. With the right group I'd say a very intense game could be had.
If your not one to be put off by older titles and the subject matter then this could be worth tracking down. You might need to update a few things to keep it fresh but it certainly was a easy if unnerving read.

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