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THAT is a Sci Fi flyer. Some of you may be confused in that it's pretty and doesn't look like a brick.

Timeline Photos
"Azure Dragon"

This is the V1.3 low-detail concept sketch of the Azure Dragon Dropship for Yu Jing.

We've made some changes from the original concept art to enable the Dragon to carry a large enough payload of figures and a TAG (or 2) which has meant raising the wings and air-intakes to provide more cargo area, adding side-doors (that fold back into the superstructure transformer-ish) and jump-steps for stepping off or for attachments for rappelling down.

Under-wing weapons have been removed (they get in the way of dismounting) and so this version is much more lightly armed than the assault craft version, relying mostly on its chin gun and the troops inside it firing out.

This remains a candidate until higher-quality sketches are done to include other angles and to finalize higher-detail in areas such as the doors and so forth… but this will give Yu Jing gamers a very good idea of what the final version of the dropship will look like.

The requisite changes for the dropship variant also allow us to potentially make a gunship version down the line, which cannot carry troops (or far less troops) but is much more heavily armed.

We will now complete higher-detail sketches (including other angles) for the 3D artist to start work on.

via Wee Gamers’s Facebook Wall


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