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Bab 5 the last best hope for peace. Lurking on a shelf if my old Bab5 RPG complete with PsiCorp guide book signed by the big man himself. A reboot of this show would perhaps mean a new lease of life to Bab 5 gaming. Dust off those fleets , maybe some figures. Or better yet one of the many 'I can't belive it's not….' miniature makers could get in now and get some made.

The show wasn't everyone's cup of tea and ill admit to not even liking it at first. But once I sat down to it I discovered a great program with a lot of depth , and yes some large servings of cheese. But it found its feet and for a while was I think one of the best and darkest scifi shows on the go.

While I like it I didn't have the same attachment ad say Trek. So a rebooting here doesn't alarm me, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't make me sad if they balls it up.

Any old Bab5 gamers out there still?

‘Babylon 5′ Movie Reboot Aiming For Production Start in 2016
'Babylon 5' creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski is working on a script for a film reboot of his space epic – and aiming for a 2016 production start.

via Wee Gamers’s Facebook Wall


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