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Margaret Weis Productions Ltd has announced that Leverage the RPG is now available from in PDF, Soft cover and Hardback. I'm fortunate to have this already and it's a cracking game so well laid out and presented that familiarity with the show is a benefit not an essential.
Using an adaptation of the cortex rules system players take on the roles of con's gone good and hitting back at the big time baddies. Think techy and con artist version of the A Team.
There's great use of flash backs to enhance characters and help develop skills in a situational way 'the door is fitted with a military grade encryption lock '
'Oh hey Jane this reminds me of the time I had to break into a special weapons facility in nevada, remember it had one of those fancy bio security locks a bit like this?' – that kind of thing. But there's a limit to how much you can do this.
You also kind of bet against the GM to tackle stuff which all adds up to the mood and momentum of the show.
One of the best 'how to run this kind of game' sections I've read in years.

Seriously check this baby out.

via Wee Gamers’s Facebook Wall


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