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Now hands up…..we got some stuff wrong in this one, partly due to being new to the game, part general dizzy heads as ever. So don't pay too close a heed to the end video

Capitol ships have their own Point Defence value when shooting fighters, this is much less than their main guns.

Fighters have their Range one shooting marked on their movement side of the range ruler and not infact as we depict the range ruler range one for Capitol ships.

It's a matter of debate just how good you think Luke is. We were not blown away by his squads abilities, others are.

There might be one or two more minor bloops.

However at worst you get a close look at the toys and our opinion. Remains the same, it's nice. Not 80 quid nice.

Star Wars Armada – Unboxed, Discussed and Displayed

*you lovely folk! and ourselves since have rightly spotted wee get a couple of bits wrong -bad bill and Andy , we are leaving this up as is for now but will …

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