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Questing knight store, if not the largest UK Indy selling and promoting The World of Dust and supported by The Dust Knights -released their response the the 'backers letter'

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So that all know our stance on the letter that was issued today by DUST Studios we have posted the following statement of intent:

At the USA DUST Expo this year we met Paolo Parente and Vincent Fontaine from DUST studios, their attitude, passion and love of DUST made us believe that what we were doing at that time of setting up the Dust Knights U.K and trying to help establish this product in the U.K at some considerable effort and cost to our own store was indeed the right thing to be doing and a great project to be involved with. We have had many dealings with BF UK and had no problems obtaining stock off them and they even helped us do the promotional offers that we ran to help establish the product more in the U.K. However with the split of these two companies we have to decide is this still the right course of action for our business in the U.K to promote Dust Knights U.K and to continue to support this product range? Answer YES we feel it is, we still believe that even with our own store kickstarter lost ( we shall be speaking to BF Monday morning) DUST is still a growth product that has a potential rarely seen in many table top games, it has a concise and usable rule set, some of the best miniatures on the market and is supported by some of the most passionate ppl through Paolo , Vincent and im sure William too. We feel the game has the strength of character to overcome this event and put it behind itself and press on with an ever developing and thrilling universe that will immerse its player base and allow that player base to expand and grow. there will be some that will leave the game and move on to pastures new, however as long as Dust studios continues to trade and produce Dust, we shall strive to support them in any way we can in the U.K, this has been an unfortunate event, but i think DUST still has a great future and is worth stocking and buying as a product and as a system is strong enough to now make some real progress for the future.

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